Friday, August 13, 2010

Life's a beach

Since Tim had the day off we decided to take the girls on a super fun family day. We started out at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We only hit half of the aquarium so the girls wouldn't be too tired later on. We hit the Outer Bay, the Secret Lives of Seahorses and the Hot Pink Flamingos.

After the aquarium we had to stop at a candy stop to use the bathroom and the girls gave the giant bear some love.
After the aquarium we headed down to Carmel by-the-sea to spend some time on the beach. I packed some bento lunches and we found some driftwood "benches" to enjoy them on.(This is one of the hubby's dream homes)

After the beach we were planning on going to our cousin's 4th b-day party so we headed to Tim's parents' house to rinse off the sand, salt and sweat. But unfortunately we did not end up at the party. Instead this happened.
That is a bite mark from Mina because she didn't want to wear floaties in the pool. So home we came and now the girls' are supposed to sleeping. But they aren't. And I don't care. Mama is off duty until tomorrow. So is Daddy. So unless there is some sort of emergency they better just stay in bed. Yep. I have a busted lip (compliments of a Mina headbutt because she didn't want to go to bed) and bruised bite mark and no patience. What a wonderful family day.

However, Caeti was pretty cute while I was making dinner. & my Sand*Wishes Lunch Punch arrived today so it wasn't a complete bust.

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