Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Projects out the wazoo

I need to finish some projects.
I am a notorious project starter. Not a finisher. So I am going to finish 3 pairs of jammies today. Because they are all gifts and I HAVE to do it.
So L, E & lil L will get their gifts soon. Well lil L will have to wait a few extra days because I also have to start and finish her dolly.
I am also working on some elephant stuffies. But those are total back burner. They are gifts too but just because I love you gifts so I pretty much have forever.

This is the fabric for the elephants.

I can't wait to start on these. I'm making some super kawaii little dolls!

  • L's Jammies
  • E's Jammies
  • Lil' L's jammies & doll
  • A's elephant
  • S's elephant
  • G's elephant & a pair of jammie bottoms
  • Mina Moo's jammies
  • Caeti-Boo's jammies
Hopefully I can cross some of these off by bedtime.


  1. Your projects sound so cute. You must show me them next time you're over.

  2. so I can cross E's jammies off the list & S's Elephant.

    All that is left is
    L's pj top
    Lil L's pj top
    G's pj bottom
    Mina & Caeti's pjs
    A's elephant



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