Monday, April 30, 2012

Sucky Awesome Sunday

Too bad I have zero social skills & a big fat mouth. I think I just scared away one of my very few friends. I suck. Cue, depression snacking, moodiness & insomnia.
Anyways, I hit the pavement this morning for the first time in months. I only did a mile. It felt good. I took it easy and walked .3 mile to warm up, then ran .3, then walked .6 and ran the last .6. It was a bit of a challenge since I have found my rhythm yet but I hope to be running a full mile by mid-May.

I worked on my serger for a while earlier. It's closer to fixed. The lower looper is still getting tangled because it's out of sync. I ran out of patience and had a hungry baby so I put it aside until tomorrow, which I am totally ready for. I love my hubby, a lot, but having him home on the weekends throws off my regular routine which makes me cranky. He did a lot of yard work and the back yard looks so much better. The garden fence is almost finished which is exciting because I really want to replant beets, chard, spinach and tomatoes and NOT have chickens eat all the seeds and/or little sprouts.

On a happier note, my big Little Man is now 7 weeks old, 26.5 inches & 12 1/2 pounds. That's up 6.5 inches & 4 pounds from birth. And he's hecka awesome.
Rockin the Stache.

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