Friday, May 11, 2012

 This little man is 2 months old.
It seems like last week I was pushing. Time is just going by too quickly. I'm wiping tears from my eyes as I type. This is most likely my last baby. I want him to grow up healthy & strong, just not yet. I want him to stay little for a long time. 
But since that's not going to happen, I'm focused on enjoying every second of his sweet babyhood. Which is why I've spent so little time in front of my sewing machine or with a crochet hook in hand. We spend most of our day nursing, cuddling & watching private ballet shows produced by & starring his big sisters.
We are really enjoying cloth diapering. It is so much easier than I thought it would be and less messy, believe it or not! Even daddy doesn't mind as long as there are pre-stuffed pockets or AIOs when it's his turn to change a diaper. I'm pretty sure Wes likes having fluffy buns since he always kicks and coos like crazy when I change him. He also likes to help with the chores. His job is to sleep in the Moby Wrap, he takes it very seriously.
I feel truly blessed because Wes is such a good baby. He doesn't cry much, nurses like a champ, enjoys showers and doesn't mind hanging out on a blanket on the floor for a while. But most of the time he just sleeps. And since he smiles in his sleep a lot, I assume he's having sweet dreams.

I love you sweet Little Man.

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  1. Eek! He's so adorable. I'm glad you're able to enjoy his being a baby. And being in the digital age, you can take lots of pics and videos to remember it. And after its over, you'll have so much more to look forward to. Like the teenage years.:)



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