Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The arrival of Caetlin

Caetlin is here! And she was on time! Now here and her Auntie Theresa can start a I was born on my due date club. =]

So all day Monday, 9/28, I was having fairly regular contractions. At 9pm I was pretty sure I was in labor for real. So Mina went to Nana's house for a super fun sleepover. Tim & I headed back home to wait for my contractions to be closer together and to make sure the didn't stop like on Saturday. So we made it back home and Tim fell asleep for a whole 30 minutes before I woke him up saying my contractions were 8 minutes apart and I kinda felt like pushing. He was out of bed so quick it was hilarious.
So we got to the hospital around midnight and got checked out, my contracts were a little bit irregular but I was 5 cm dilated. So they invited me to stay and have a baby. Yeah! It wasn't false labor! AGAIN!
So everything was good and the contractions weren't bad.
At 3 am they checked me again and I was 8 cm dilated!
So around 5 am they checked me again and I still at 8 cm.
But I had been having really bad back labor for a couple hours now and was very discouraged since nothing had been progressing. I decided I wanted a little something to take the edge off. So I got a dose of fentynal and was able to sleep for about 40 minutes. When I woke up my contractions were super intense and I really felt like I needed to push. So they checked me again. Still 8 cm. And I was still having horrible back labor. So Tim was so sweet and started massaging my back and he ended up doing it for the next 2 hours practically non-stop. At 8 am I was still 8 cm! I was so upset! They wanted to break my water and see if they could hurry things up but I was so tired, disheartened at my lack of progress and nearing the end of my pain tolerance. The new nurse midwife came on and suggested that I have another dose of fentynal and rest and when I woke up they would break my water and see if the could get me to finish dilating. So I rested and when the drugs were off they checked me again. I was at 9 cm and while the nurse was checking me my water broke. Hooray I was almost done! So I really felt like I needed to push but they told me not to. So I tired not to. That lasted for like a whole 10 minutes. So the nurse came back and I was not quite 10 but I couldn't not push anymore. So I started pushing. 3 pushes and Caetlin was starting to crown. The midwife came running in and I had Caetlin out in under five minutes.
It was kinda scary at first because she wasn't breathing but she was awake so they nurses started rubbing her with towels while she was on my chest and after 30 seconds she started crying. And she was breathing but she was still purple. Tim cut her cord and the nurse took her over to the warmer to give her some oxygen. When her color was better they brought her back to me and I nursed her for 30 minutes. She totally got the hang of that in like 3 seconds.
She is a very enthusiastic little eater.
So everyone is home now and doing good. Thanks for all the love everyone!
Last ever belly picture. with Caetlin atleast
First picture ever
Very happy and proud daddy
Mommy and Caetlin
Little cutie all snuggled up

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  1. She's so beautiful! I love the dress and all the pictures. Thanks for sharing the whole story w/us who can't be there. Tim, you sure are a sweetheart! I love you little brother :) I can't wait to see your little Angels... and you and Kristie too of course.

    Hope you're managing to get some rest!!

    Lots of love from the East Coast... until I can be there in person.



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