Sunday, September 13, 2009

Caet's Shower

Caetlin's baby shower was so much fun. I was a little stressed out at first but once all the food was out I totally mellowed out and enjoyed the day. I want to thank everyone for the very thoughtful gifts. I love the Moby wrap Elena. & Mina's is super cute everyone was laughing at here so hard when I put it on her. It was ueber cute. And thank you for the Target giftcard Cynthia. We're going to buy some diapers! I know it's SO exciting. ;)
Theresa got some very cute onesies for Caet and a baby approved toy. My friend Alyssa's 7 month old Alanni made sure it was fun and safe.

I will have more pics soon. XOXO
It was a baby shower/ football party. =]
Mina's Moby
So cute!
Theresa got Caet one the cutest shirts ever.
A special sweater made with love by Nana

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad Mina's moby was a hit. I hope you get lots of use out of yours too! How thoughtful of Theresa to get that onesie. I AM the best :0)...j/k, kind of :) Love the sweater. Gabriela got lots of use out of hers, and I'm hoping she gets some more. Can't wait for more pics, and wish I could have been there XOXOXO. OH! Please post a cupcake pic, I heard they were darling!!



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