Monday, September 21, 2009

Our sort of exciting weekend

So once again Caet was thinking about being born but decided against it. We were working in the garden and I started having some really strong contractions. Problem is they got further apart instead of closer together.
Of course I got so stressed out and upset. I'm ready to get this kid out. Nana watched Mina on Saturday night. & I guess they had a pretty good time. I did not get a letter grade but Papa said she was fine. She told me last night "My slept on Nana's loveseat. My missed you Mama. My sleep in your bed tonight!" Sorry kid it was sweet and all but there's no room for you. But she did come and cuddly with me this morning. I think we slept for another hour and a half. It was nice. I've been super tired.

I have a few cute new pics and will post them later. Right now I have to jump in the shower and fix Tim some lunch before he gets home in oh, 14 minutes. Ciao!

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