Saturday, February 20, 2010


I did not want to get out of bed today, but I'm so glad I finally did. I feel amazing today. I think it's do mostly to the reinstatement of the nightly run. I didn't really miss it the first two nights but the rest of the week I was craving it. (We had been spending every day in Gilroy since Aunt Renee and Uncle Dale were visiting. )So anyways my legs were so sore when I first got out of bed. Now they feel good but different.
We tried a new breakfast experiment, peanut butter and jelly stuffed french toast as requested by Mina. Since I am the self declared Queen of Breakfast it was a success. I honestly was skeptical but they were pretty tasty. So we have a kind of lazy day planned. A walk to the bank, a shopping trip to Target (pronounce it Tar-shay it sounds fancier that way, and there for more exciting), then we are heading to Gilroy so Mina can play with my cousin and we can hopefully soak in the hot tub, last but not least we'll mosey on over to the in-laws for some gardening, wine drinking and baby smooching by the Nana.
The Caet update
This baby is almost mobile. Scary.
She loves to scoot around the living room and eat the vacuum cord.
Yeah I'm a terrible mom for leaving it out where she can get it but at least I vacuum!
She is also fascinated by wheels. Apparently they are very tasty.
The Dora era is almost over. The time of the mermaid is beginning.
Oh and anime. Mina is a big fan of all of Hayao Miyazaki's work. (Well maybe not Princess Mononoke but that one is a little bloody.)
She is also very opinionated lately. And bossy.
I am going to tape her hands to her sides if she steals anymore of Caet's toys.


  1. I love this picture of miss Mina! She's growing up so fast! It makes my heart melt how sweet and happy and freakin adorable she is here. Can't wait to smooch the bageezus outta her when I come visit soon!

  2. Oh yes, and Caet. God dang it she's a doll too. Can't wait to see her scootin her little booty around too :) Can you tell I'm excited to come visit?



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