Saturday, February 27, 2010

Growing a garden

Thursday 2/25
So this year I decided I'm going to have my own garden. Granted it will be a very small garden and grown in pots but it will be mine. And it won't really be grown in pots so much as cheap plastic baskets from the dollar store.
Pouring zinnia seed on to the water paper towel.
Posing with our seeds.

They're growing!!!! Look!!! See!!!!
I am so excited. We are going to transfer the radishes in to a cardboard egg carton today so when they're big enough I'll just have to cut little section off & stick it in the dirt.
Radish up close and personal

All but 1 of the radishes have sprouted. Check out those babies.

1 lonely little bunching onion. Come other seeds, he needs some friends!


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  1. What a great way to teach your little one about plants! Very good idea!



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