Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's late and I am uninhibated. Consider this your warning.

My old undies fit! And by old undies I mean a tiny piece of dental floss and lace I used to wear in high school, which was only 4 years ago but after popping out two kids that's a long time. Anyways, I have been holding on to them hoping and dreaming, while stuffing my face with all sorts of decadent chocolate-y foods, that I would one day be able to squeeze my big old Mama butt in to them again. Long story short, I did it! But why do they look so sad? Wait they look exactly the same. Oh yeah it my butt that's depressed (or is it depressing?). It is not the same shape (or consistency, i.e. cottage cheese) anymore. Blah. Screw you Heidi Klum, you are a freak of nature. Like snow in July. In California.
So does anyone know of some magical secret to restore my tushy's teenage tightness? Anyone at all?
I have aproximatly 3.5 minutes a day to myself. Most of that is spent in the bathroom. I'm just saying. So the gym is kinda out of the question. I do walk and jog several times a week. And by several I mean about four time, averaging around 7 miles total.

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  1. YOGA & Pilates. It's like milk, does the body good! Perhaps you could get a video that can be played here or there when you have a few minutes! Congrats on fitting into the oldy undies. Must have felt great! Will see you in just over a month!



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