Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Muffin Tin... Tuesday

I'm late. Ugh. I've had a crazy week and it's only half over. I'm so not used to Tim going back to school.

This week there was no theme, which worked out well because I forgot. So we did a super special decorate-your-own-brownie muffin tin snack.Brownie, peanut butter, marshmallows, heart sprinkles & cranberries.

The finished product. Notice that there are no marshmallows? She ate them all before I could get a spreader for the peanut butter. In fact I'm lucky I got a pic of them at all.
Decorating her brownie. She was so excited.


  1. i love the "decorate your own" tin ideas! and the brownie looks yum. it does.

  2. I would love to eat this tin! Nice job.

  3. Creativity and chocolate- who WOULDN'T want to participate in a snack like that?

  4. How fun! Snack time becomes a little crafting party. Those are adorable. ~

  5. Oh, I bet that was a bunch of fun! Looks good to me. :)



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