Monday, February 22, 2010

Orange you glad it's MTM?

I am completely sure that I will be the only one with that oh so witty title. Not.
I'm just glad it's Monday! I was amazed how well lunch came together considering the fact that I did prepare for this one at all. I meant to go to the grocery store. Really I did. Okay maybe I didn't since I hate shopping with my kids. Why do the make everything take 6 times longer than it needs to?
Carrots, tomato veggie straws & doritos, dried mangos
Peaches, peanut and pumpkin butter airplane and heart sandwiches, pumpkin muffin
and oj (the drink, not the convict sports star)
All served on a one of a kind orange construction paper placemat.

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth
Thanks for all the comments last week, they make my day.


  1. I forgot to bring snacks to work today, so MTM is looking ESPECIALLY tasty today! I love MTM! What a fun mommy! ps. The matching jammy pics of the girls is DARLING!

  2. Your airplane sandwiches sound awesome and look so cute.

  3. it looks awesome. also. thanks for elaborating on the "oj" part. i was looking for him until you set me straight.

  4. Very cute tin! Love the airplane sandwich! Great job. Love the pic of your kids in matching jammies. Matching jammies are the best! :)

  5. My boys would have LOVED the airplane sandwich...will have to look for that cookie cutter. We're all about sandwich shapes over here. Great tin!

  6. Love the airplane sandwich too! I want that pumpkin muffin for me, looks yummy. I saw your pb french toast too-pb is a staple around here. I'll have to try that with my kids-SOON. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Yes ... I had the same title - hee hee - "great" minds think alike! ;)

    And I am going to have to look into pumpkin butter - sounds yummy!

  8. Fun! The pumpkin muffins sound delicious!



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