Monday, January 23, 2012

Junebug Inspired Dress

Is anyone else following Project Run & Play Season 3
I'm slightly addicted. Maybe because one of my best bloggy friends is a contestant (Hi Stef!) or maybe because all the contestants have mad skills, and I'm hoping some of their awesomeness will rub off on me. Either way, ADDICTED. And I always have the intention of participating in the At-Home-Sew-Along but, I never get my project finished in time. This is the dress I started for the first week's Junebug Remix challenge
I finally finished it a couple days ago but I have a really good reason why it took so long. 
I discovered I HATE knits. 
I mean I love them, they are cozy, soft and are a joy to wear but sewing them, UHG! I had such a hard time that I gave up decided it was best to put it aside for awhile so I wasn't tempted to set it on fire. After letting it sit for a good 2 weeks, pouring over every helpful tip google provided me with a link to and watching several youtube videos, I was ready to try again. 
It's not perfect. or anywhere close to great. or even good. 
I'll go ahead and describe it as "acceptable for a first try."
Seriously, I have to give major props to anyone who can sew knits.

So without any further whining from me, here are a few more pictures of the dress.

 At least it is "a good spinning dress."

I think I'm going to take a little break from sewing until I regain some confidence in my sewing abilities.
In the meantime I think I'll work on some more nursery projects. 
Since baby is due in 7 weeks and the nursery is looking like this
 at the moment.

 And a little collage of how my bump has grown.
Can you tell I love hats?

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  1. And I love this dress, too! Gah! I need another sewing machine, stat!! :) And I adore your collage :) Yay for baby bellies! :D



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