Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reclaiming UFOs (un-finished objects, that is) from the Black Hole.

Remember I told you about my black hole drawer last post?  
Here's a picture of it in case you forgot how terrible it was.
And here is is all laid out, minus a few things that never even belonged in there in the first place.
 Want to know what all that stuff is supposed to be?
Diaper inserts, a skirt for my aunt, a hooded cape, an owl pillow, a tutu dress, a peasant top, mobile pieces, Junebug remix sew along challenge, a pillow for the nursery, a sweatshirt for my nephew, a poofy sleeve shrug, a wet bag & 2 American Girl doll tops.
Yeah, I have a really bad habit of starting stuff and not finishing it. 
That's why my word of the year is COMPLETION!

Speaking of which,
 here is something I actually completed!
 Okay it wasn't in the drawer but it is finished. The secret is I crochet in the car while the hubby is driving. We had a 45 minute drive to the in-laws place to watch the 49er's beat the Saints on Saturday. ( GO NINERS!) It's for my cousin's new little girl, Molly. I made her a little (key word here) camo hat as a baby shower gift totally forgetting that the dad's head is twice the size of a normal person's head and that baby might (did) inherit this trait. So I had to make a bigger one that will actually fit! And now that we know she's a girl, I got to add the cute bow.  I think the hat turned out cute & girly even though it's camouflage & safety orange.  Besides having a huge head (love ya Dan!), Dad is also a little bit of a gun nut.

 And because I refuse the buy those bubble envelopes, I cut up a paper bag, addressed it, stitched it up leaving one side open, inserted the cute hat and finished stitching it closed. Then I did a second seam, careful not to catch the hat, to make it extra secure. Yeah I'm kind of awesome. ^-^

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  1. This is absolutely adorable, I LOVE the hunting/camo/orange theme and I am sure they will love it! I am also terrible at finishing projects, as is my hubby. Every time he starts a project we joke and say "Unfinished Project #402..."or some other random number, lol. Ah well, its something you can pull out on a rainy day. I think you have a great blog and I am Following you. I would love for you to drop by and Follow back at:

    Have a fantastic day!



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