Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flats & Handwashing Challenge Day 2

 Have you heard of the Flats & Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry?

"This event aims to bring awareness and educate cloth diapering families and beyond about the benefits and feasibility of using flat cloth diapers, the most basic of all diapers, and handwashing. Why? Because there are families who struggle everyday with diaper need. There are no federal or state funded assistance programs to help families buy diapers. This can result in babies being left in diapers too long or families reusing disposable diapers; both options pose serious health risks for the baby. My goal has always been to prove that, when necessary, a small number of flat cloth diapers, covers, and a simple bucket washer or tub can be all a family needs to provide clean and sanitary diapers."

--Kim Rosas of Dirty Diaper Laundry

My flats stash. 
1 GroVia cover (Gro-via.com)- (seconds sale) $8
1 Econobum cover (nickisdiapers.com)- (gifted) $9
1 Thirsties duo wrap size 2 (Dearestdiapers.com)- $13.75
1 homemade wool cover(Katrina's Sew Quick Soaker Pattern)- (gifted) ~ $15
10 Gerber birds-eye flats (Target store)- $13
9 flour sack towel flats (5 from Wal-Mart store, 4 from Target store)- $9
8 wipes (Circo brand from Target store)- (gifted) $5
a spray bottle of wipe solution (Target store)- $1
2 Snappis (eBay.com)- $4.50
Lanisoh Lanolin for lanolizing the wool cover(Target store)- (gifted) $10
1 small Smart Snugs wet bag (smartsnugs.com)- (2 bags for $20) $10
A Happy Green Life Detergent (ahappygreenlife.com)- (one large bag will last me around 7 months) $16
Homemade diaper sprayer (gidgetgoeshome.com)- $20
Total cost- $134.25
Just Flats- $22
Covers only- $45.75
What I spent-$95.25

We are trying out several different ways of washing. I have hand washed one at a time in the sink, stomped in the tub & used a camp style washer.
Little helper.
Linking up with Dirty Diaper Laundry.

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