Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happiness is...(Week 20!)

I'm going to start with the happiest part of my week which I have no picture for.
Finding out that one of my besties is preggo! And then talking/listening to her for HOURS on the phone.
Super ♥!!!!

 This is the last pic of my Girasol Carson's Cove WCRS. 
I sold it to fund my new obsession, Kokadi Fire Scales!
Isn't she beautiful?! I'm halfway to owning one.
 This teeny tiny ponytail makes me giggle.
 Catching baby chicks is fun.
 Caeti decided that Poppy wanted to be upside-down.
 Luckily I have help washing. ;)
 Flour sack towels work even better when they are tie-dyed. Okay maybe not but they are prettier!
I love this little butt!

I'm linking up over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting & you should too!

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