Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happiness is...(Week 21)

I almost missed out on this week's post. I totally though today was Tuesday!
This little grad insisted on wearing her sunglasses.

I took the plunge & buzzed my hair.
The men in my life know how to work a vacuum.
My honey-wheat bread turned out perfectly.
Lots of babywearing & nursing.

 I'm linking up at Crazy Adventures in Parenting.


  1. You buzzed your hair, wow!! How does it feel!? And me, I'm the total opposite right now, I keep growing it. I don't know what the heck I'm doing LOL

    1. The hair is awesome! I love it. My head felt so much lighter as soon as it was done. I wanted to grow my hair but it just doesn't go past my shoulders, so I'm embracing it. I think it would feel great in the Texas heat.

  2. WOW, the hair! You look awesome woman!

    Yeah, I couldn't do the Texas heat. My hubby wants to move to Texas. I just can't do it. It' out of the question. I grew up in Minnesota. I need my snow and cold.

    I Babywearing and nursing (not at the same time) makes me so very happy as well!

    Have a great week!



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