Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happiness is...(Week 18)

This has been a tough week for me. So, I'll start with the happy, give you a little glimpse of the bad and end with some good that stemmed from the bad.
54 ounces of milk found a new home and I have a new baby to pump for regularly.
I find it easier when I know that the milk has a home before I sterilize all my pump parts, do the surgical scrub & bribe the girls with candy & a movie.
Finding my lost (for 1 minute) baby cleaning my shower.
Being sweet & helping brother eat.
This little cutie hanging out waiting for daddy's plane to land.
Releasing our Painted Lady Butterflies that we raised from caterpillars.
This sweet little sleeper. I hate waking him up in the morning because we have to take Mina to school.

Now THIS is the cause of my unhappiness for the week. This stupid termite infested fence. It blew down on Sunday night. Which would have been fine if the neighbors dog hadn't then come into my yard broken into my chicken coop and killed all 5 of my beautiful laying ladies. So instead of my husband packing for his trip to Washington on Monday morning he got to dig chicken graves at 10pm.

 We loved our chickens and the girls were not handling their deaths well so we decided that getting new chickens as soon as possible was the best solution.
 Meet Spider Man & Scarlett, or her tushy. They are Rhode Island Reds.
 This is Sapphire the Ameraucana (though I have a feeling she may actually be an Easter Egger.)
 This little fluffer is Poppy the Buff Orpington.
 And finally Jenna, the Golden Sex-Link, who already laid me an egg! Oh and Scarlett's head.

 Well I'm a day late but still linking up at Crazy Adventures in Parenting.

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  1. Oh no!! So sorry to hear about your chickens :( I kinda want some myself, but I don't know if the side of the house would be a big enough spot for them.



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